Azara Blog: Blair gives his latest revisionist statement about terrorism

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Date published: 2007/04/24

The BBC says:

Tony Blair has warned that terrorism continues to be a "global" threat and needs to be fought whether it is in "Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else".

He said his view was "not popular", but the "large part of the Western world" which blamed George Bush was wrong.

"This is a very deep-rooted problem right round the world... if we don't fight it it's going to come after us," the prime minister told the BBC.

More revisionism from Blair. Afghanistan had plenty to do with "global" terrorism. And therefore a "large part of the Western world" supported the attack on Afghanistan. But Iraq had nothing (or very little) to do with "global" terrorism, no matter how much Bush and Cheney and Blair want to pretend otherwise. Therefore a "large part of the Western world" did not support this unprovoked and unwarranted and illegal attack against Iraq, which ironically has now caused Iraq to be a potential source of terrorism. And the global situation is far, far worse than it otherwise would have been. This is the fundamental problem which Blair refuses to acknowledge. Starting a "fight" for a fatuous reason (US domestic political purposes) is not very bright. George Bush is indeed the main person to blame. But Blair shares the blame.

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