Azara Blog: Gordon Brown wants to remove slightly less civil liberties than Tony Blair

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Date published: 2007/06/03

The BBC says:

Gordon Brown has pledged not to put civil liberties at risk over plans to introduce new anti-terror laws.

Mr Brown wants to give police more powers - including holding suspects without charge for more than 28 days - when he takes over as prime minister.

Civil liberties campaigners warn the plan amounts to "internment".

But in a speech earlier, Mr Brown insisted he would bring in safeguards, including a judicial review of detention every seven days.

Mr Brown is also planning to summon cross-party talks in the Privy Council on the use of phone-tap evidence in court.

Such a move was resisted by Prime Minister Tony Blair because security services fear it will expose their secret surveillance methods.

Mr Brown also wants to allow police to continue questioning suspects after they have been charged.

He wants judges to make support for terrorism an aggravating factor in sentencing, as it currently is with racially aggravated crime.

On this issue Gordon Brown is not quite as draconian as Tony Blair, but he is not far off, and he is not yet even running the country. How bad will it get once he is running the country, when all the power has gone to his head?

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