Azara Blog: Europe's seas are allegedly in a "serious state of decline"

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Date published: 2007/06/08

The BBC says:

Europe's seas are in a "serious state of decline" as a result of coastal development, overfishing and pollution from agriculture, warn scientists.

The continent's regional seas will deteriorate even further unless action is taken to curb the threats, they add.

Economic growth and the expansion of the EU, the researchers suggested, had contributed to the state of the waters.

The findings were presented in an EU-funded report, involving more than 100 scientists from 15 nations.

The three-year project, European Lifestyles and Marine Ecosystems (ELME), examined the relationship between human activities and the impact on the region's marine ecosystems.

It focused on the continent's four regional seas: the North-East Atlantic Ocean, and the Black, Baltic and Mediterranean seas.
The expansion of the 27-nation EU bloc and economic growth were helping to exacerbate the problems, he said.

"Affluence is leading to a lot of additional environmental pressures, which we really have to recognise and tackle."

The pressures included the growth of resorts and a huge increase in second homes around the Mediterranean coastline.

Another end-of-the-world report. And what is the main problem? "Affluence". Well there you have it, there is a high correlation between wealth and pollution, who would have thought it. So maybe these scientists should just bluntly state that what they really want is for Europe to become poor. Well, perhaps they "just" want the entire coast to be put off limits to anything other than scientific work (they need to get to the seas, of course, it's just the peasants that should be put off). But needless to say, that would just move the problem somewhere else. People with money are going to want and expect to spend it.

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