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Date published: 2007/06/09

The BBC says:

A teaching union is mounting a campaign for a review of teachers' pay.

Ministers have reneged on a promise to review rises of 2.5% a year in 2006-08 for England's teachers in the light of higher inflation, the NUT says.

The call comes as the teacher Training and Development Agency for Schools urged the teachers' pay review body to ensure pay rates remained competitive.

Ministers say inflation will return to expected levels by the end of 2008 and point to a 15% pay rise since 1997.
Last week three other classroom unions which, unlike the NUT, are in "social partnership" with the government - the ATL, NASUWT and PAT - called for above-inflation pay rises in the forthcoming 2008-11 settlement.

Meanwhile the NUT wants to see pay rises of 10% or £3,000 a year, whichever is greater, from 2008.

Surprise, teachers want more money. Lots more money. Hopefully the government will ignore them. The BBC is slightly naughty in mentioning a "15% pay rise since 1997". Later in the article they quote a government spokesman as saying "There has been a 15% real terms increase in teachers' average pay since 1997." Of course one can't believe anything a government spokesman says, but there is a big difference between a 15% pay rise and a 15% real terms pay rise. The BBC ought to at least have the sense to get that right, and to provide correct and accurately quoted figures.

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