Azara Blog: Obese children should allegedly be taken away from their parents

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Date published: 2007/06/14

The BBC says:

Obesity has been a factor in at least 20 child protection cases in the last year, the BBC has learned.

Some doctors now believe in extreme cases overfeeding a young child should be seen as a form of abuse or neglect.

The BBC contacted almost 50 consultant paediatricians around the UK to ask if they believe childhood obesity can ever be a child protection issue.

The British Medical Association is due to debate a motion on this issue at its annual conference at the end of June.
Dr Matt Capehorn is the Rotherham GP who put forward the motion as a result of his own experience of running an obesity clinic.

He told the BBC: "My colleagues and I were concerned because we noticed a discrepancy in the way society, the medical profession and the courts treat an obese child compared with a malnourished child.

"There is outrage if a child is skin and bone but it only happens in extreme cases with obese children."

Oh wow, a whole 20 cases. The world must be at an end. Doctors are some of the worst control freaks in the country, and this is more about their power than anything else. Indeed one doctor on the radio this morning was upset because these allegedly negligent parents were not listening to his advice. How dare the peasants not listen to the ruling elite? Doctors (and others) have successfully persecuted smokers so are now moving onto obese people. Indeed, the academic middle class could no doubt come up with an endless list of things that they don't approve of where they would be more than happy to have children taken away from their parents. The parents smoke. Take the children away. The parents give chocolate to their chidren. Take the children away. The parents don't read books to their children. Take the children away. The parents let their children watch television. Take the children away. The State is not very good at looking after children who have been taken away from their parents. It should only happen in extreme circumstances and indeed that is generally the case. It is not helpful for doctors to single out some sector of society which they want sanctioned. Doctors are barely capable of practising medicine competently (a much bigger cause for concern) and are not qualified social workers.

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