Azara Blog: Ofsted complains that religion is taught by rote

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Date published: 2007/06/17

The BBC says:

RE teachers must provide children with a more sophisticated understanding of the subject in a post-11 September world, Ofsted says.

After a five-year inspection of RE classes which began in the year of the attacks on the US, Ofsted says rote learning of RE is no longer adequate.

It says teachers should include ways in which religion is not always a force for good.
In many schools, religion is linked with contemporary religious and moral issues, such as whether the war in Iraq was morally justified.

But all too often, say the inspectors, the exam system encourages "standard, mechanistic responses" running the risk of "trivialising significant religious issues".

The school (exam and inspection) system encourages "standard, mechanistic responses" and "rote learning" in pretty much all subjects, what's new? Ofsted is part of the system that encourages this approach to education, so if Ofsted doesn't like it, Ofsted should close itself down.

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