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Date published: 2007/06/18

The BBC says:

The BBC needs to take more care to ensure it is impartial, according to a report commissioned by the corporation.

It accused the BBC of breaking its own guidelines by screening an episode of The Vicar of Dibley which promoted the Make Poverty History campaign.

The report also quoted former political editor Andrew Marr, who said the BBC has an "innate liberal bias".

However, it added that the BBC is "generally seen as impartial" and set out new guidelines for avoiding bias.
It uses the introduction of the BBC's 3D weather maps in 2005 as an example of how the corporation can be seen as biased towards the south-east of England.

Because of the way the maps were tilted, they appeared to suggest that northern Scotland was on the periphery.

Although the problem was quickly ironed out, the report warned that "the continuing practice of giving temperature forecasts for conurbations rather than rural areas may suggest a presumption that the bulk of the audience lives in large cities, whereas the opposite is in fact the case".
The report went on to warn that the London Olympics will provide a similar test of the BBC's impartiality.

"Coverage of international championships has sometimes drawn criticism that the British media are too preoccupied with British competitors," it said.

"That pull will be all the greater when the Olympic flame reaches British soil in what is likely to be the year of the Queen's diamond jubilee".

All institutions are biased, so the BBC is. Certain parts of the BBC (the news website and especially Radio 4) have a very academic middle class bias. So for example, pretty much all so-called environmental pressure groups (e.g. RSPB, FoE, WWF, Greenpeace, etc.) receive no critical coverage, and some stories are pretty much just regurgitations of these groups' press releases. And most parts of the BBC are hopeless at covering business stories, because the BBC (in line with most of the ruling elite of Europe) has an anti-commercial bias. In spite of that all, because of the amount of resource it has, the BBC still produces the best news reports.

And talk about a politically correct report. Northern Scotland *is* "on the periphery" of Britain (as is Cornwall). And, since not every town and village in the country can be mentioned, most people would rather see temperature forecasts for the big cities than for some obscure villages in the middle of nowhere. (In any case, temperature forecasts are given for regions away from bit cities.) And the British (not just the BBC) coverage of any sporting event, in particular the Olympics, is indeed nauseatingly pro-British (to the extent that any sport where any British person or team has any hope of a medal is covered ad nauseum and any sport where the British has no competitor is just ignored completely). But the coverage of the media in other countries of the world is, if anything, even worse. This is a problem with international sport more than with the BBC per se.

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