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Date published: 2007/06/22

The BBC says:

The NHS - one of the world's largest public bodies - has been urged to cut its greenhouse gas emissions.

Each year, the UK's health service spent £400m on energy and emitted about one million tonnes of carbon, think tank New Economics Foundation said.

Its NHS Confederation-commissioned report said 5% of UK road transport emissions were from NHS-related trips.

The authors also warned that a more variable climate could see an increase in heat-related deaths and diseases.

The report - Taking the Temperature: Towards an NHS Response to Global Warming - says staff, patients and visitors travelled almost 25 billion passenger miles in 2001, predominately by cars and vans.

Waste was also an area for concern: "One in every 100 tonnes of domestic waste generated in the UK comes from the NHS, with the vast majority going to landfill."

Another pointless report by the New Economics Foundation, one of the countless consultancies which are a drain on the national resources. Think how many carbon emissions would be saved if they were just shut down (all of them). The NHS consumes 8% of UK GDP, so it is not that surprising that the NHS is responsible for 5% of UK road transport, or 1% of domestic waste (which indeed sounds surprisingly low).

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