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Date published: 2007/09/05

The BBC says:

The BBC has scrapped plans for Planet Relief, a TV special on climate change.

The decision comes after executives said it was not the BBC's job to lead opinion on climate change.

Celebrities such as Ricky Gervais were said to be interested in presenting the show, which would have involved viewers in a mass "switch-off" to save energy.

The BBC says it cut the special because audiences prefer factual output on climate change. Environmentalists slammed the decision as "cowardice".
It is believed that poor ratings in the UK and elsewhere for July's Live Earth concert may have confirmed the internal belief that the public do not like being "lectured to" on climate change.

Well it seems the BBC has saved the "celebrities" the effort, and the "switch-off" of this latest attempt at mass indoctrination will certainly "save energy", if nothing else. The BBC is correct that it should concentrate on "factual output on climate change" rather than on hours of unfiltered and patronising propaganda by the academic middle class. Needless to say, celebrities and other hangers on who feature in these kinds of programmes are much more part of the problem than they are part of the solution. And, for example, is Gervais now going to campaign for people to switch off his television programmes? (They are definitely a waste of energy.)

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