Azara Blog: Government wants to throw more money at pregnant women

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Date published: 2007/09/09

The BBC says:

Pregnant women will get about £200 paid into their bank account to spend on healthy food under a government initiative, the BBC has learned.

From April 2009, expectant mothers in England would receive a one-off payment from their 29th week of pregnancy to encourage them to eat well.

Health secretary Alan Johnson will announce the "Health in Pregnancy Grant" on Wednesday.

Charities welcomed the idea but warned it may not be effective.

For example, there is no measure to ensure the cash is spent on healthy food and babies also need good nutrition before 29 weeks.
The Health in Pregnancy Grant would not be means-tested.

Another completely crackpot idea from the do-gooders, who unfortunately pop up now and again in the Labour (or indeed any) government. Calling it a Health in Pregnancy Grant is completely meaningless, the mothers can spend the money on whatever they want, and it could not possibly be any other way. Why are the responsible minority (people who do not breed) forced over and over again to cough up money to the irresponsible majority (people who have children, whether they can afford it or not). Why are poor families without children being forced to pay more tax so that rich people with children can get yet another unneeded State handout. And how much money will it cost to administer this new wheeze?

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