Azara Blog: Throwing £4bn at poor children will allegedly solve the educational achievement gap

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Date published: 2007/09/12

The BBC says:

Poor children are as much as two years behind their peers in educational achievement by age 14 and heading for a "downward spiral", a report says.

Research for the Campaign to End Child Poverty says children from poor homes are up to nine months behind their peers before they even get to school.

This gap in achievement widens at every stage from then on, it says.

The government says it is working to improve opportunities for children from poor families.

The campaigners say the government must invest £4bn to meet its pledge of freeing children from poverty by 2020.

The report, Chicken and egg: child poverty and educational inequalities, focuses on the cycle of poverty into which poorer children are born and struggle to escape.

Is it supposed to be surprising that the gap widens as children get older? And is throwing money at poor people the "solution" to the "problem"? The name "chicken and egg" is appropriate. There is a correlation between poverty and poor education and poor health and just about anything else you care to mention. But what is the cause and what is the effect?

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