Azara Blog: MPs produce yet another vacuous "green" report

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Date published: 2007/09/13

The BBC says:

Ministers are making lots of speeches urging people to adopt greener lifestyles but are "doing little" to help them do so, says a report by MPs.

An MPs' committee said "much more" needs to be done on green taxes, making homes energy efficient and to help people generate their own power.
The report by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee says making households most efficient is the single most cost-effective way of cutting carbon emissions.

It points out research suggesting household equipment like stereos, TVs and DVD players on standby produces 3.1m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and calls on the government to work towards an "end of standby" with manufacturers.

The "zero carbon" standard for new homes should be brought in well before the current target of 2016, the report said.

It added that home owners were often put off on installing solar water heating, wind turbines and photovoltaic systems by the cost, planning restrictions and confusion over what grants were available.
Other suggestions include - a stamp duty rebate for home-buyers who improve energy efficiency within a year, tougher carbon reduction targets for energy suppliers, more detailed energy billing within 12 months and more demanding building regulations.

This is just the current laundry list being advocated by the chattering classes up and down the country. You would think that MPs would have been able to produce a slightly more serious analysis than what one gets down at the pub. The most bizarre idea is that we need "to help people generate their own power". Why? It's like saying we need to help people grow their own food. This is just a sop for the academic middle class. Not surprisingly, after thousands of years of civilisation we have arrived at the point where most people do not want to grow their own food, generate their own power, sink their own wells, etc. The UK chattering classes do not get it and have never gotten it.

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