Azara Blog: California loses frivilous lawsuit against car companies

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Date published: 2007/09/18

The BBC says:

A US federal judge has dismissed a case brought by California against six leading carmakers over alleged damage caused by cars' CO2 emissions.

The legal action, the first of its kind, demanded millions of dollars in compensation from General Motors, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler and Nissan.

But the judge ruled that the issue of whether carmarkers were accountable was a political, not legal, matter.

Officials said they were disappointed, adding they may appeal the ruling.

The lawsuit, filed by California's former Attorney-General Bill Lockyer in September 2006, wanted to make the manufacturers liable for the damage he said was caused by greenhouse gas emissions from the state's estimated 32 million registered vehicles.

It said that the producers has created a "public nuisance" by making "millions of vehicles that collectively emit massive quantities of carbon dioxide".

This is California, in particular Lockyer, taking the piss. If Lockyer thinks that cars are a "public nuisance" then there is an easy step he can take. He can try to get the state government to ban cars in California. But of course he doesn't want to do that, that might inconvenience him and millions of other Californians, because, well, cars are not a public nuisance, they in fact provide quite a useful service to the public (e.g. allowing people to get to work and to shops). Instead of banning cars, Lockyer wants to extort billions of dollars from car company shareholders, i.e. from the rest of the world.

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