Azara Blog: The Sutton Trust puts out its latest content-free press release

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Date published: 2007/09/20

The BBC says:

The school that a pupil attended remains a bigger factor in whether they get into a top university than having good A-level grades, research suggests.

The Sutton Trust charity, which analysed admissions from 2002-06, says state school youngsters are losing out.

The trust found the number of pupils at the top 30 comprehensives who went to Oxbridge was just a third of what might be expected if based on ability.

But at the top 30 independent schools, more than expected got Oxbridge places.

But almost all people admitted to Cambridge, for example, have top A-level grades (and the ones who don't tend to be access candidates). So there is no way to discriminate based on A-level grades. Of course the Sutton Trust (a.k.a. Peter Lampl) knows this perfectly well, so one can only assume this latest press release is just another political diatribe with no real value. Why the BBC gives so much attention to this one (filthy rich) man is a mystery.

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