Azara Blog: The Chinese like their cars just like the rest of the world

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Date published: 2007/09/22

The BBC says:

China is holding a No Car Day in more than 100 cities as it tries to reduce smog ahead of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Cars have been banned on some central streets in Beijing and all drivers are being encouraged to leave their cars at home voluntarily.

But correspondents say that in the capital National No Car Day appears to be making little impact.

Millions of vehicles are on the roads every day in Beijing, causing massive air pollution.

The BBC's James Reynolds in Beijing says that cars are coming and going as normal, and most streets in Beijing are not adhering to No Car Day.

Environmental campaigners say China must overhaul its transport system, not just with a few ad hoc No Car Days but by putting in cycle lanes, reducing the price of public transport and making it much more difficult for people to buy private cars.

Oh right, cycle lanes will make a big difference. This is how out of touch with reality so-called environmentalists are. It's pretty obvious that most people in China, as in the rest of the world, prefer to travel by car rather than by bicycle (or bus). Needless to say, the only thing that makes people not use cars is to make it either prohibitively expensive so that only rich people can afford to drive, or to just make it illegal, period. The former approach is the usual one taken (e.g. London, Singapore, etc.). The so-called environmentalists are on the side of the rich, not the working class, on this issue (as with so many issues).

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