Azara Blog: House of Lords committee says more money should be thrown at allergy "epidemic"

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Date published: 2007/09/26

The BBC says:

Poor care and confusing advice is being used to deal with an allergy epidemic in the UK, experts have said.

The House of Lords science and technology committee warned there were not enough specialist services and that food labelling was inadequate.

The cross-party group of peers said the UK was lagging behind western Europe.
The Lords report called for specialist allergy centres to be set up in each region similar to the models operating in Denmark and Germany.

At the moment there are over 90 clinics, but only six are led by allergy consultants that can treat and diagnose the full range of conditions.

The report said GPs and other health professionals had poor knowledge of allergies and recommended allergy training becomes a more important component of medical training.
Committee chairman Baroness Finlay said: "We have a severe shortage of expert medical provision to deal with allergies.

"The government must now take steps to deal with that problem."

Substitute "allergy" with "your favourite health condition here" and you could easily write the same report with pretty much the same claims. Surprise, everything to do with health in the UK is an "epidemic". Surprise, "the government must now take steps to deal with [the] problem". Surprise, the UK is not number one or even top ten in the world in the provision of every aspect of health. With an infinite amount of money, no doubt the UK could do better. The Lords committee members should state what services should be cut or what taxes should be increased in order to pay for everything they want. It is trivial to just ask for more money for everything under the sun.

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