Azara Blog: Hilary Benn wants "traditional" lightbulbs phased out by 2011

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Date published: 2007/09/27

The BBC says:

Plans to phase out the traditional lightbulb by 2011 have been announced by Environment Secretary Hilary Benn.

Mr Benn told the Labour conference he wanted to see an end to the sale of 150-watt bulbs from next January.

Less powerful traditional bulbs would be taken off the shelves in stages under the voluntary energy-saving scheme by 2011.
Mr Benn told the conference in Bournemouth: "The major retailers and the energy suppliers are now leading a voluntary initiative with the strong support of the lighting industry and of the government to help phase out traditional, high-energy lightbulbs.

"We need to turn them off for good.

"And so our aim is for traditional 150-watt lightbulbs to be phased out by January next year, 100-watt bulbs the year after, 40-watt bulbs the year after that and all high-energy lightbulbs by 2011."

Mr Benn estimated that the move would save five million tonnes of CO2 a year and take the UK closer to its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2050.

Five million tonnes is less than one percent of UK emissions, so it's not that significant, but the only way we are ever going to get real reductions is by lots of little moves rather than one big move. This is a relatively easy gain, although many people believe that the light from "traditional" lightbulbs is better than from the low-energy variants. And although Benn likes to use the word "voluntary", it is not voluntary as far as consumers are concerned, they will not be given the choice.

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