Azara Blog: Cyclists want to be able to bring their bikes on London commuter trains

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Date published: 2007/09/28

The Cambridge News says:

Ken Livingstone is backing Cambridge cyclists' bid for more bike space on trains as part of a £5.5 billion rail cash boost.

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for city cyclists tired of being chucked off trains for "taking up too much room".

The Mayor of London wants more provision for commuting cyclists to take their bikes onto trains. Currently, only folding bikes are allowed on carriages at peak times. But that could change if campaigners in the city and in London get their way.

They believe the massive investment in the Thameslink line, which will provide 14,000 extra seats at peak times, is the perfect opportunity to make space for bikes.

Sure, if cyclists pay a suitable amount to have this extra space on the trains to hold their bikes, then by all means introduce this service. Unfortunately cyclists generally seem to believe that they should pay for nothing and that the rest of society should be the ones that instead cough up, and that is the implication here. Then again, this is in keeping with the general philosophy of London commuters, that the rest of society should, for some obscure reasons, subsidise their transport.

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