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Date published: 2007/09/30

The BBC says:

Petrol prices could surge to near record highs from next week after the government's 2p rise in fuel duty is introduced from midnight on Sunday.

The 2p increase could push up the average price of unleaded petrol to about 98p, while diesel could exceed £1 if the cost is passed on to motorists.

The increase, in line with inflation, was first announced in Gordon Brown's 2007 Budget when he was chancellor.

The duty rise comes amid soaring oil prices and high borrowing costs.

The Budget also outlined another rise of 2p a litre next April and a further increase of 1.84p in April 2009.

The AA has criticised the government's move, highlighting that petrol prices have risen steeply in line with the oil price, which surged to record highs past $83 a barrel last week.

The AA should be happy that Labour is in charge and not the Tories or the Lib Dems, who have both promised to screw car drivers ever more indefinitely into the future. Unfortunately the country's ruling elite has decided that drivers should pay for all the services that the country wants, and dresses it up not as the naked tax grab which it is, but instead as some environmental tax. Funnily enough, only drivers, and now, to a lesser extent, airline passengers, are supposed to pay environmental taxes. Everyone else gets off completely free. Welcome to ripoff Britain.

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