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Date published: 2007/10/08

The BBC says:

One in seven adults is reluctant to have children and one in four puts off planning for the future because of world troubles, according to a survey.

The Mental Health Foundation's YouGov survey found that for 70% of people terrorism is their greatest fear.

Immigration concerns worried 58% of people, with 38% saying they had fears over climate change and 23% fearing a natural disaster.

The survey was carried out ahead of World Mental Health Day on Wednesday.

The YouGov survey found world events left some people feeling powerless (56%), angry (50%), anxious (35%) and depressed (26%).

Another junk survey. As with all such surveys, you immediately have to distrust the results since the group behind the survey has an interest in spinning things to promote their cause (surprise, they want more money spent on their special interest). Here, it is even worse, because we have no way of knowing whether these numbers are good, bad or indifferent. In particular, are we supposed to be worried that one in seven adults is allegedly reluctant to have children because that number is too low or because that number is too high. The most important problem on the planet is over-population, and if (say) six in seven adults were reluctant to have children the world would be in better shape. So perhaps we should be trying to worry people even more than they (allegedly) are already.

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