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Date published: 2007/10/10

The BBC says:

Pregnant moose seek out human company when they are about to give birth, moving closer to roads and camps to escape the threat of bears.

US scientists say Yellowstone moose have adopted the strategy to try to outwit their road-shy predators.

The study in Biology Letters suggests human pressures are having unexpected effects on wild animals.

Other species, including monkeys, deer and elephants, have also been shown to use people as cover from predators.

Although amusing enough because it is moose (not the world's brightest animal), it is hardly surprising. Mankind is part of Nature (something which many people conveniently forget) and so mankind influences Nature. You would have to be a pretty poor biologist to think otherwise. (The cheetahs in the "Big Cat Diary" on the BBC figured out soon enough that jumping on stationary vehicles filming them is a good way to escape predators.)

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