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Date published: 2007/10/12

The BBC says:

Primary school children and their parents are suffering from "deep anxiety" about modern life, according to a study of education in England.

The Cambridge-based Primary Review's report said the pressure of Sats tests dominated the last two primary years.

Researchers ran 87 discussions with groups of children, parents, teachers and others; 750 people took part.

The government said most children lived in better conditions than 10 years ago and rejected criticism of testing.

Primary Review director Professor Robin Alexander told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that young children faced a range of pressures.

"What people wanted to talk about was the stress of government tests, then life outside school, road safety, physical dangers, the sense young children are having to grow up too soon."

He also talked about the values children are subjected to, such as consumerism and materialism.

But he added that every generation had its stresses and some children had endured "unimaginable hardships".

Among those quoted in the Primary Review report are children themselves.

Many expressed concern about climate change, global warming and pollution, the gulf between rich and poor, and terrorism.

"Some were also worried by the gloomy tenor of 'what you hear on the news' or by a generalised fear of strangers, burglars and street violence," the report said.

More junk research. If this study had been done at any time in the last five thousand years, would they have come to any different conclusion? Of course these people have to justify their existence by constantly finding problems where none really exist. The fact that Alexander mentions "consumerism and materialism" and the other standard chattering class talking points (e.g. "young children are having to grow up too soon") already indicates he is just a typical member of the academic middle class, and that any analysis he makes is bound to be biased. Primary school children are not capable of making judgements about "climate change, global warming and pollution, the gulf between rich and poor, and terrorism". It reminds one of the middle class kid in "Seven Up" who claims at age 7 to be reading the Times.

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