Azara Blog: It's difficult to find an NHS dentist in England

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Date published: 2007/10/15

The BBC says:

Many NHS dental patients in England are being forced to pay for private care, go without treatment or even pull out their own teeth, a survey suggests.

The survey of 5,200 patients for an NHS feedback body found 20% had refused treatment because of high cost and 6% had treated themselves at some point.

Most of those going private said they could not get NHS treatment locally.

The Health Committee, a group of MPs, has announced an inquiry into the new dental contract, introduced last year.

Of 750 dentists polled, 84% said their new contract had failed to improve access to NHS services for patients.

Is this news? Getting an NHS dentist has been difficult for years. It seems that most dentists think the State should be throwing more money at them before they are willing to help tackle the problem.

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