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Date published: 2007/10/16

The BBC says:

Drinking at levels which are hazardous to health is rife in affluent middle class areas in England, research shows.

Richer areas dominated the list of areas with the highest proportion of men drinking 22-50 units a week, and women drinking 15-35 units a week.

However, Liverpool John Moores University found the proportion of those who drank to real excess was highest in poorer areas.

Manchester topped this table followed by Liverpool.

Harmful drinking - when people binge on alcohol - was defined as more than 50 units/week for men, and more than 35 units/week for women.

The study found the proportion of people drinking at this level ranged from 3.2% to 8.8% of the adult population.

The lowest rates were found in more affluent areas, with the wealthy town of Winchester recording the lowest rate of all.

But richer areas fared much worse when it came to hazardous levels of drinking - for instance more than one large glass of wine every evening.

Yet another "end of the world" report. For some obscure reason, the media have loved the fact that allegedly the middle class might be drinking too much. But who cares which social class allegedly drinks too much, it is completely irrelevant to the alleged problem at hand. Needless to say, this report has prompted the usual health control freaks to suggest that the tax on alcohol should be raised. So once again, the majority is supposed to pay through the nose because a minority is allegedly drinking too much. And this is assuming that you accept their definition of "hazardous" drinking.

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