Azara Blog: Surprise, wealthy kids do better than poorer kids at school

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Date published: 2007/10/17

The BBC says:

The social divide in schools in England shows little sign of closing, says the annual report from Ofsted inspectors.

Chief Inspector Christine Gilbert warned that poorer children still had "odds stacked against them" - achieving lower results than wealthier children.

Deprived areas were also much more likely to account for a persistent number of struggling schools.

We hardly need Ofsted to point out the trivially obvious. Of course nobody is ever allowed to ask how much of this is the fault of the families and how much is the fault of the government, and with the latter, how many more tens of billions of pounds of expenditure would be required every year in order to make a difference. This constantly repeated trivial observation that wealthy kids do better in education (and, surprise, everything else in life) is almost akin to pointing out that gravity acts downwards on the planet.

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