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Date published: 2007/10/19

The BBC says:

Gordon Brown faces a battle to get the EU treaty through Parliament after it was agreed by EU leaders in Lisbon.

The prime minister ruled out a referendum saying he had already "safeguarded the national interest" with "red line" opt-outs in key areas.

But Tory leader David Cameron accused him of treating Britons "like fools" and pledged to fight for a referendum when MPs debate ratification next year.

It has to be ratified by all EU states before coming into effect in 2009.

Cameron never has anything intelligent to say about Europe, he is a one trick pony. He, like most of his party, hates the EU and wants to withdraw, and he wants a referendum only because he knows the British public would reject any EU treaty, no matter what it said, and he thinks this would be a first step towards withdrawal. During a campaign for a referendum you can guarantee he would say nothing about the treaty and, helped by the usual media suspects, we would instead get endless hours of invective against the EU.

Brown, meanwhile, is playing a dangerous game. He doesn't want a referendum because he knows it would be rejected. If he can't get the vote through Parliament he is finished.

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