Azara Blog: Lib Dem leadership election seems set to be a non-event

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Date published: 2007/10/21

The BBC says:

The two contenders for the Liberal Democrat leadership have said there are no fundamental differences between them on policy.

Environment spokesman Chris Huhne said the party would have to choose "who is going to best present" its case.

Home Affairs spokesman Nick Clegg also stressed communication skills in an interview with BBC One's Sunday AM.

He said he could speak in a "plain, direct" way to disaffected voters and create a sense of "dynamism".

The contest to replace Sir Menzies Campbell, who quit as leader on Monday, is looking increasingly like a two-horse race after a series of senior figures ruled themselves out.

Mr Clegg and Mr Huhne share similar backgrounds, having attended Westminster School, served in the European Parliament and become MPs in 2005.

Clegg seems to be the likely winner. And in the same way that Cameron is a clone of (the early) Blair, Clegg is a clone of Cameron (and Huhne not that different). It is amazing in this day and age that such privileged people (private school and Oxbridge) are going to be heading two of the three main political parties (and if Blair was still around it would be three out of three).

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