Azara Blog: The UK population is allegedly going to increase more than recently forecast

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Date published: 2007/10/23

The BBC says:

The population of the UK is set to increase by 4.4 million to 65 million by 2016, according to new projections.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates 2.3 million of the rise would be a natural increase and 2.1 million down to migration.

Further projections say the population would reach 71 million by 2031 and 77 million in 2051.

Forecasts of fertility, life expectancy and inward migration have all increased since they were last made in 2004.
Jonathon Porritt, patron of the Optimum Population Trust think-tank, called for an "intelligent debate" on growing numbers of people in the UK.

He said: "If it quickly defaults into pro or anti-immigration - which is an extremely unhelpful place for the debate to go - it means we constantly avoid the discussion about human numbers.

"We miss the subtle debate about the impact of population on an already congested island."

The projections are wildly different than they were three years ago, so they could just as easily be wildy different in three years, and certainly any projection decades into the future is meaningless. The only reason anybody takes these numbers as gospel is for political (i.e. anti-immigration) reasons, and the politicians have responded as expected.

But Porritt takes the biscuit. Any organisation called "Optimum Population" is obviously up to no good. Who is it for these people (the academic middle class) to decide what is the "optimum" population (even if such a thing were meaningful). Hopefully the sanctimonious people in this outfit have had no children, if they are so concerned about population and are not just anti-immigrant. And what these kind of people always fail to mention is that outside the M25, Britain is not that "congested". There is plenty of land for building houses, etc., it's just that the ruling elite refuse to allow any of it to be used except for agriculture.

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