Azara Blog: Soil Association does not like the developing world

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Date published: 2007/10/25

The BBC says:

Food flown into the UK will be stripped of its organic status unless it meets new stricter ethical standards, the Soil Association has warned.

The association, which certifies 70% of the UK's £1.9bn organic food sector, says firms must show trade brings real benefit to developing world farmers.

It wants all air-freighted food to meet tough "ethical trade" standards.

But Trade and Development Minister Gareth Thomas said he feared the changes could harm African farmers.

The Soil Association is totally unaccountable to the public and should be stripped of its self-declared right to determine what is and is not "organic". They are just typical members of the academic middle class who believe that Britain should revert to life as it was in the pre-industrial era. Hopefully the supermarkets will stand up to them on this one and choose another association to certify their food. Of course these associations are pretty much all run by the academic middle class, but the Soil Association is the one with far too much power, and indeed could do with referral to the Competition Commission.

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