Azara Blog: Anti-abortion campaigners rally in London

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Date published: 2007/10/27

The BBC says:

Religious and anti-abortion groups have been holding a rally to mark 40 years since abortion was legalised.

Activists met at the Houses of Parliament to call for a reduction in the upper time limit for abortion.

They later walked to Westminster Cathedral for a service commemorating 6.7m abortions performed since 1967.

Marie Stopes International said that although abortion rates needed to come down, the 1967 act had made it safer for women to terminate pregnancies.
In the 40 years since abortion has been legal in Britain, the number of terminations taking place each year has increased from 22,000 to almost 200,000.
Julia Millington, political co-ordinator for Alive and Kicking, the pro-life alliance organising Saturday's events, said the campaign was intended to raise awareness of the rising number of abortions and call for a change in the law.

She said nothing had persuaded the Department of Health that survival rates had improved for extremely premature babies born before that time.

She said: "We believe there is increasing public concern about these latest figures and we want to draw attention to this anniversary."

Lord Steel, who piloted the 1967 act, suggested he would like to see lower abortion rates, but he said there was no such thing as a "correct" number and that each case had to be considered "on its merits".

The anti-abortionists are disingenuous as always. They don't really care about the upper time limit for abortions. All they care about is stopping abortion. They have lost the argument about that so are trying to win the argument via the back door, by making abortion more and more difficult to obtain. Unfortunately these religious nutters will never go away.

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