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Date published: 2007/10/31

The BBC says:

There is no reason why women seeking an abortion should need the approval of two doctors, a group of MPs has said.

A report by the Commons science and technology committee found the requirement did not serve a useful purpose and might be causing delays.

MPs also rejected calls to lower the 24-week legal limit for an abortion in England, Wales and Scotland.

They said although survival rates for babies born at 24 weeks had improved, they had not done so below that point.

Not all members of the cross-party committee agreed with the report's findings, however.

Conservative MPs Nadine Dorries and Bob Spink published their own separate report, claiming they had been misled on survival rates and also on the question of whether foetuses could feel pain.

The main report also called for more involvement by nurses in early abortions.

Unbelievable, a report by a committee of MPs that is actually sane. This is practically a first. One of the ways to make sure fewer women want abortions around 24 weeks is to make it easier for them to get abortions in the first place, such as by removing the ridiculous requirement that women should get the approval of two doctors. (Doctors, at the best of times, are control freaks, and having to deal with two rather than one just makes everything that much worse.)

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