Azara Blog: Competition Commission says we should have more, not fewer, supermarkets

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Date published: 2007/10/31

The BBC says:

A revamp of the planning system to allow more supermarkets to open in some areas of the UK has been called for by the Competition Commission.

In its preliminary report it suggests forcing supermarkets to sell land they own in areas where there are not enough different chains of retailers.

But the report said that in most areas the UK groceries market was delivering "a good deal for consumers".

The commission also called for further measures to protect suppliers.
The report dismissed suggestions that the market-leader, Tesco, is too strong, saying: "Tesco is not in such a strong position that other retailers cannot compete".

It pointed to the fact that other grocers are still expanding as evidence that Tesco is not too powerful.

This is not the outcome desired by the academic middle class, and as expected they were whining on the Today Programme this morning on Radio 4 (but one of the usual suspects was stunningly put in his place by one of the other, sane, interviewees). The academic middle class are food snobs and hate supermarkets, and so obviously want fewer, not more, supermarkets. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, the academic middle class is out of touch with what the ordinary people of Britain want. The ordinary people (mostly) love supermarkets.

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