Azara Blog: The family unit is allegedly not breaking down

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Date published: 2007/11/05

The BBC says:

Three-quarters of people in Britain are optimistic about the future for their families, a BBC poll suggests.

Despite dire political warnings about family breakdown, that figure is 24% higher than when the same question was asked in 1964.

And of 1,001 adults surveyed, 95% said their families were close - a rise of 4% since 1999.

However, 70% of people still believe family life was more successful in their parents' generation.

It's a survey, so immediately suspect (for example, were the methodologies exactly the same in 1964 as today?). But it's amusing that one of the siren songs of the chattering classes (including David Cameron), namely that the country is facing a massive social breakdown, is probably a complete load of nonsense and is just the usual nostalgia masquerading as social commentary.

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