Azara Blog: Head of MI5 claims there are 2000 terror suspects in the UK

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Date published: 2007/11/05

The BBC says:

There are at least 2,000 people in the UK who pose a threat to national security because of their support for terrorism, the head of MI5 has said.

Jonathan Evans said there had been a rise of 400 since November 2006.

He said children as young as 15 were being recruited for terrorist-related activity by al-Qaeda.

Resources that could be devoted to counter-terrorism were instead being used to protect the UK against spying by Russia, China and others, he added.
Speaking on Monday at the Society of Editors' annual conference, he said the number of individuals in the UK causing concern had risen in part due to better intelligence gathering in "extremist communities".

"But it is also because there remains a steady flow of new recruits to the extremist cause."
"Long-term resolution requires identifying and addressing the root causes of the problem."

So why is there a "steady flow of new recruits to the extremist cause" and what are the "root causes of the problem"? Perhaps the illegal war in Iraq and perhaps the perpetual Israeal / Palestine problem? Or is it that Saint Britain is being attacked for no reason by the perfidious foreigners? (And who else but the perfidious foreigners would be willing to recruit "children"? Well it seems Britain can send soldiers age under 18 to Iraq, but that's evidently ok since it's officially sanctioned by the government.)

Evans claims there has allegedly been a 25% increase in suspects in the past year, and then claims a lot of this is down to the splendid job MI5 is doing, and then claims there is really, really, really a growing problem. It doesn't quite add up.

Of course it just happens to be the case that the government just now wants to ask Parliament to increase the time for which terror suspects can be held. This is hardly a coincidence. Either Evans is punting for the government (surprise) or Evans wants more money for MI5 (surprise), or most likely both (surprise).

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