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Date published: 2007/11/08

The Cambridge News says:

Shop workers were today bracing themselves for a New Year-style sales rush.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony by Andy Street, managing director of the John Lewis Partnership, was the signal for the new John Lewis store to open its doors in Cambridge.
The John Lewis shop is three times the size of the old Robert Sayle store.

A big day for the academic middle class of Cambridge. Their favourite store is back where it belongs. There was a huge crush of people for the opening (average age well over 50). The store does not really seem to be three times the size it was, but presumably it must be. The interior is typical John Lewis. Well, in fact it is typical of every department store on the face of the earth aimed at the middle class. And indeed, the building itself is nothing special, it could be located anywhere in the world:
new John Lewis store in Cambridge

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