Azara Blog: Cambridge gives outline planning permission for Addenbrooke's expansion

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Date published: 2007/11/09

The Cambridge News says:

Addenbrooke's Hospital is set to double in size, thanks to council planners.

The ambitious £1 billion scheme, which will make the hospital the largest biomedical campus in Europe, has cleared a major hurdle with Cambridge City Council.

Outline planning permission has been granted to expand the site from 70 acres to 140 acres.

The plan, known as the 2020 Vision, will create "at least 8,000 jobs" and aim to turn Addenbrooke's into an international centre of excellence.

It will form the Cambridge Biomedical Campus which will host clinical care, research and teaching.

The site will have room for new clinical facilities, including a children's hospital and relocated Papworth Hospital. It also hopes to build research labs where worldleading scientists will come to work.

Plans also include a conference centre, a hotel, accommodation for staff - with transport connections via the guided busway - and a new link to the M11.

Wow, the city council has at least half come to their senses, they were acting at one point as if they would prefer this expansion not to happen. The city council is a negative, not a positive, contribution to Cambridge. They don't even understand why Cambridge exists (and it's not because of the great contributions to the world by the council). Unfortunately, if they have anything to do with the actual planning of the site (which they will), the outcome will be worse, not better. Their one and only fixation in life is with traffic, not with whether Cambridge is world class.

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