Azara Blog: Control freaks still complaining about food adverts on television

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Date published: 2007/11/13

The BBC says:

Restrictions on television junk food adverts do not properly protect children, say researchers.

A report by Which? magazine concludes children are still exposed to adverts promoting foods with high sugar, salt and fat content.

It found 12 of the 20 programmes most popular with under-10s were not covered by the current restrictions.

However, the advertising industry rejected a call for a total ban before 9pm as too simplistic.

Which? argues that such a hard line approach on any product loaded with fat, salt or sugar is the only effective way to protect children.

The academic middle class control freaks in action yet again. Of course what they really want is a ban on advertising for anything they don't like. They just happen to dress this up as being for the benefit of children because they can get away with patronising children. And of course the reason that many programmes are not covered by the current (already over-the-top) restrictions is because the latter were imposed on programmes aimed at children, and needless to say children also watch other programmes, aimed at adults (perhaps because programmes aimed at children are also pretty patronising, and of course also because most adult programmes are not exactly intellectually challenging). The citizens of the UK (adults and children) do not need the academic middle class to tell they what they should and should not be able to watch, or eat.

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