Azara Blog: David King says GM crop technology should not be scorned

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Date published: 2007/11/27

The BBC says:

The UK government's chief scientific adviser, Sir David King, is to call for a rethink on GM crops in his farewell speech before leaving his post.
Professor King has always been in favour of GM crops, provided they are shown to be safe.

Speaking to BBC News, he said: "I would love to see Britain back at the forefront of positive use of GM technology."

He added: "The process of GM technology should not be banned. The products of GM technology should be clearly monitored one by one."

He believes there is a moral case for the UK and the rest of Europe to grow GM crops, and thinks Europe's backing would kick-start a technology that would help the world's poorest in Africa.

He says GM crops will be essential to deal with an ever-growing population and diminishing water supplies.

"Have we got the technology to deliver that? Absolutely; it is called GM technology," he said.

King is unfortunately a bit too naive for his own good. He seems to think that the anti-GM mentality of the UK ruling elite is somehow down to some rational analysis of the technology. It is not, it is just a fundamentalist religious view (that GM technology is bad). If there is one thing you can say about fundamentalists, it is that they are immune to reason. As long as the government of the UK (and of Europe) listens to the academic middle class (led by the so-called environmentalists), GM technology has little future in the UK (and Europe). The rest of the world will develop it and the UK (and Europe) will sink into a scientific back water on this front.

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