Azara Blog: Surprise, middle class people live longer

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Date published: 2007/11/28

The BBC says:

Men in routine jobs, such as bus drivers and refuse collectors, are more likely to die early figures show.

The Office for National Statistics data showed routine workers were 2.8 times more likely to die by the age of 64 than high-level managers.

Professionals, such as lawyers and architects, also had low early deaths rates in England and Wales.

Experts said these workers were least likely to die in accidents, violent attacks and from suicide.

Professor Danny Dorling, an expert in health inequalities at Sheffield University, said: "It is not the professions that are causing the deaths, unlike when miners were dying.

"Instead, the biggest causes of death in this age group are accidents, violence and suicide and that is linked to the how much you are paid and valued in your job.

"Those in better paid, more prestigious jobs are less likely to suffer violence, behave differently, are treated better and value their work more."

Yet another trivial observation, and is anyone supposed to be surprised? And Dorling's claim that "it is not the professions that are causing the deaths" seems to be contradicted by his other statements. After all, if you have accidents or suffer violence at work, that is part of your risk of employment, just like if you mine coal, then breathing in coal dust is part of the risk of employment. All in all, yet another pointless health study.

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