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Date published: 2007/12/02

The BBC says:

Final preparations are under way for a key UN climate summit that will attempt to reach a deal on what should replace the Kyoto Protocol, which ends in 2012.

Talks will centre on whether binding targets are needed to cut emissions.

It is the first such meeting since the IPCC, a panel of leading scientists, concluded that climate change was "very likely" caused by human activity.

The two-week gathering in Bali, Indonesia, will also debate how to help poor nations cope in a warming world.

Yet another meeting between the rich people of the rich world and the rich people of the poor world, to try and determine how best to screw the poor people of the rich world, all allegedly at the behest of the poor people of the poor world.

Kyoto was fatally flawed. In particular it accounted for emissions where they were produced, rather than where the goods were consumed. Thus it was advantageous for the rich countries to out-source emissions to China, and still pretend they were doing a jolly good job cutting emissions, but in effect the global emission tally went up. But lots of scientists wanted Kyoto because it was "something". Hopefully the "something" this time will make more sense. But that means every country has to be included and there has to be a global carbon tax (or the equivalent). Nothing else really makes sense. (Well, the rich countries could instead try and add a carbon tax on imported goods from countries without a carbon tax, in addition to having their own carbon tax, but that is just ridiculously complicated to try and implement, since many goods have mixed origin.)

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