Azara Blog: UK supermarkets allegedly selling meat from cruelly raised animals

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Date published: 2007/12/02

The BBC says:

Large numbers of farm animals including the majority of the UK's Christmas turkeys, are being fattened in cruel conditions, new research shows.

Compassion in World Farming says more than 80% of turkeys sold this year by Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons will have been intensively reared.

But it found overall, supermarkets are improving their welfare policies.

Another BBC story which is just a press release for a special interest pressure group, here Compassion in World Farming. In particular it just accepts at face value that "intensively reared" (by some arbitrary definition) means "cruel". Although evidently the BBC editor that put the story on the web was not quite so sure, since the strap line was "Festive turkeys reared 'cruelly'". And it is evidently not deemed cruel in any legal sense, since no doubt the farms will not be prosecuted.

One can imagine Compassion in World Farming repeating the same press release year after year (or even more frequently, after all, this has nothing to do with Christmas), and so one can imagine the BBC running this same story year after year. It's not very informative, it's just propaganda to try and advance the agenda of the special interest pressure group.

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