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Date published: 2007/12/08

The BBC says:

Depression may increase the risk of the bone disorder osteoporosis in premenopausal women, a study suggests.

A US study found 17% of depressed women but just 2% of those not depressed, had thinner bone in a part of the hip.

It found depressed women had overactive immune systems, making too many chemicals that promote inflammation including one that promotes bone loss.

The Archives of Internal Medicine study compared 89 depressed women with 44 non-depressed women, all aged 21 to 45.

Another classic confusion of correlation and causation. Does depression cause overactive immune systems, or do overactive immune systems cause depression, or is it something more complicated than either statement? You could take a zillion and one medical conditions and find links with a zillion and one other medical conditions. It's an unfortunate tendency of most health studies to do this. It doesn't really prove very much.

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