Azara Blog: Middle class control freaks want to tell Olympic visitors what to eat

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Date published: 2007/12/09

The BBC says:

Healthy and sustainable food must be promoted at the 2012 Olympic Games, according to a new report.

The Soil Association (SA) said the benefits of local, seasonal and organic food could be showcased while imported food should meet Fairtrade standards.

Peter Melchatt from the SA said in the face of the current obesity crisis organisers "must promote healthy as well as sustainable food".

London 2012 said it was committed to a "sustainable food strategy".

The report by the Soil Association, the new economics foundation (nef) and the food and farming alliance Sustain, also noted that the Games could help promote sustainable fish consumption.

It called on 2012 sponsors Coca-Cola and McDonald's to serve 75% unprocessed, 50% locally sourced and 30% organic food and drink.

Yet more control freakery from the academic middle class. Presumably atheletes will largely import their own food, to avoid having to eat English stodge. On the other hand, what visitors want, and expect, from Coca-Cola and McDonald's is (surprise) a coke and a burger. Hopefully (and presumably) the sponsors will just ignore these busy bodies and serve what the people want. But the BBC, as ever, gives a free platform to the academic middle class to push their agenda.

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