Azara Blog: Surprise, middle class kids get pushed more than working class kids

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Date published: 2007/12/13

The BBC says:

Clever children from poor families face being overtaken by less bright children from affluent homes, research suggests.

The findings are part of a study for the Sutton Trust which says UK social mobility has not improved since 1970.

It says rich children are catching up with poorer peers in developmental tests between ages three and five and will overtake them by the age of seven.
The report said: "Children in the poorest fifth of households but in the brightest group drop from the 88th percentile on cognitive tests at age three to the 65th percentile at age five."

Meanwhile those from the richest households who are least able at age three move up from the 15th percentile to the 45th percentile by age five.

The Sutton Trust, a.k.a. Peter Lampl, is a one-trick pony. He hates the middle class (although he is rich himself) and spends all his time and effort trying to screw the middle class. This report is just the latest comical effort to push this agenda. First of all he is asserting here that a test at age three or five or seven proves something. Secondly, who in particular is he going to blame for this alleged "injustice"? Well, the only people you can possibly blame at that stage in life are the parents. Middle class parents push their kids more than working class parents do (on average). Lampl might not like this little bit of reality, but unfortunately it is the reality. If he wants to spend his money pushing working class kids harder, then by all means do it. It would be better than wasting money on this continuous stream of vacuous reports.

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