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Date published: 2007/12/15

The BBC says:

An obsession with hi-tech gadgets is sending the carbon cost of Christmas rocketing, according to new research.

Independent think tank the New Economics Foundation (Nef) says "a frenzy of mass consumption" is threatening efforts to cut emissions.

It warns if one in 25 UK homes buys one of this year's "must have" presents - a digital photo frame - annual CO2 emissions will rise by 11,000 tonnes.

This is equivalent to about 14,000 people flying from London to New York.

Nef said its calculations were based on a 15-watt photo frame being used for an average of six hours a day for a year, and a "standard" figure of 0.77 tonnes of C02 emitted per passenger.
Nef has drawn up a 10-point guide to a climate-friendly Christmas, which includes advice about switching off the TV, sending fewer cards, and wasting less food.

Yes, Nef is very academic middle class, and this rant is just typically academic middle class. The fact that the BBC continually publishes rants like this just shows how academic middle class the BBC is as well. How dare the peasants buy anything with their hard-earned money. Far better would be to take it all away in tax and hand it over to one of the zillions of useless consultancies like Nef that plague the nation. And don't forget to make sure the peasants don't get any holidays either, they'll only fly off somewhere sunny and we can't possibly have that.

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