Azara Blog: Nick Clegg is elected leader of the Lib Dems

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Date published: 2007/12/18

The BBC says:

Nick Clegg has won the race to become the next Liberal Democrat leader.

The 40-year-old beat Chris Huhne to become the party's third leader in two years - in a contest which turned out to be even closer than expected.

Mr Clegg, an ex-journalist and former Euro MP, won 20,988 votes to the 20,477 votes cast for Mr Huhne by members.

Huhne and Clegg are almost carbon copies of each other on policy, so the only thing to distinguish between them is age and media presense. Clegg is much more telegenic, which for most parties would have made him a shoo-in, but the Lib Dems are academic middle class, so many reacted against that. Clegg looks set to continue the academic middle class bent of the Lib Dems, so they will continue with their niche 15-20% of the vote.

Clegg looks and sounds like David Cameron, with not a heck of a lot of real world experience (the media and PR do not count) and lots of earnest sounding but fairly content free speeches. And of course they are both public (i.e. private) school boys (as is Huhne, for that matter). It is comforting to know that in Britain, no matter how high you start out in life, you can still reach the top.

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