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Date published: 2007/12/29

The BBC says:

Some UK wildlife species will have to find new habitats as climate change causes temperatures to rise, the Wildlife Trusts have warned.

Animals, birds and plants will have to move north and westwards to find suitable habitats, the trusts say.

Species affected will include the dormouse and some bats and butterflies.

The Wildlife Trusts says that while some species are already moving, development and loss of habitat is preventing movement for others.

The voluntary organisation is trying to link up natural areas of woodland, heathland and pasture so creatures like pipistrelle and barbastelle bats and sand lizards can extend their habitats.

Wildlife made a similar move in search of food and homes following the last Ice Age, the trusts said.

John Everitt, the organisation's head of rebuilding biodiversity said: "This time there are unexpected barriers: cities, motorways and expanses of hostile countryside.

"We need to ensure that we give our wildlife room to move or its future is threatened."

This is all well known and trivially obvious. But it is amazing how every special interest pressure group on the planet uses climate change as the magic reason why their proposed policies should be followed. So don't bother giving a real analysis, with carefully thought out details about costs and benefits. Just mention climate change and assume everybody will do whatever you ask.

Although some motorways probably cause some barrier to some species, only the academic middle class would ever mention this as a real issue to worry about (and funnily enough, there is no mention of railway lines or canals, because of course the academic middle class love 19th century and older technology, it's just 20th century technology they have a problem with).

And cities only occupy a small fraction of the entire UK land area, so in no way cause a real barrier to most species. But of course the academic middle class always think that more and more people (excepting themselves) should be squashed into smaller and smaller areas. Rather than have zillions of acres of "hostile countryside" (i.e. farms) we could have more suburban gardens (the biggest guarantor of biodiversity in the UK), but the academic middle class always fight tooth and nail against that.

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