Azara Blog: Clinton pips Obama in New Hampshire

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Date published: 2008/01/09

The BBC says:

The US presidential race has been left wide open after Hillary Clinton and John McCain both rebounded to win victories in the New Hampshire primary.

It appeared that Mrs Clinton's campaign benefited from a surge among women voters, while fewer young voters turned out for Democratic rival Barack Obama.

John McCain appealed to New Hampshire's independent voters but his victory leaves no clear Republican frontrunner.

Attention will now focus on Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina and Florida.

Candidates are aiming to build momentum before more than 20 states hold polls on 5 February, known as Super Tuesday.

Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton's victory defied pundits and pollsters alike. Correspondents say the result leaves Mrs Clinton and Barack Obama essentially tied.

The American media practically has a full frontal hatred of Hillary, so were gloating about her demise long before the polls closed. It just goes to show what pundits are worth (nothing). And the media has generally singularly failed to mention that in both Iowa and New Hampshire, non-Democrats are allowed to vote in the Democratic election (and similarly for the Republicans). Amongst Democratic voters, Hillary won both contests hands down. It was the non-Democrats who gave Obama his big win in Iowa and his near win in New Hampshire. It would not be beyond the actions of the Republican slime machine to try and steer a win to Obama by getting their own voters to vote for him, all in the name of making mischief. And apparently in New Hampshire, some "independents" decided to vote in the Republican rather than Democratic primary at the last minute, convinced that an Obama win was a foregone conclusion. How wrong they were. This whole process is a ridiculous way to choose a presidential candidate.

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