Azara Blog: Surprise, some teachers have misconceptions about Oxbridge

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Date published: 2008/01/11

The BBC says:

Teachers' misconceptions about Oxbridge could be preventing bright state school pupils from applying for places there, an educational charity says.

A poll of 500 teachers for the Sutton Trust suggested just 54% advised their brightest pupils to apply for Oxbridge, while some 45% rarely did so.

And nine out of 10 underestimated the proportion of state pupils at Oxbridge.

Just 8% of teachers surveyed picked the correct range of between 51% and 60%. The present figure is 54%.

The majority of teachers, some three-fifths, thought 30% or fewer Oxbridge undergraduates were from state schools.

In total, some 91% of teachers underestimated the representation of state school pupils - while only 1% over-estimated it.

The chairman of the educational charity, Sir Peter Lampl, said teachers' misconceptions about Oxbridge were alarming.

"They clearly have an impact on the number of bright state school students applying to these two great universities, despite the considerable efforts that both are making to reach out to them," he said.

Lampl (i.e. the Sutton Trust) takes the biscuit. He (with his apologist friends in the media like the BBC) is one of those who constantly claims Oxbridge is elitist, and then he wonders why some people might believe the same thing. If only the UK spent more money on education and less money on these silly, vacuous, surveys.

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