Azara Blog: Bush threatens Iran yet again

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Date published: 2008/01/13

The BBC says:

US President George W Bush has warned of the dangers he says are posed by Iran, in a speech in its Gulf neighbour, the United Arab Emirates.

Mr Bush said Iran threatened the security of all nations and should be confronted "before it's too late".
The BBC's Matthew Price, travelling with Mr Bush, says the president has sounded more nuanced on this trip than previously, and has spent much of it making suggestions rather than demands.

But that may not be how it plays to the "streets" of the Middle East.

Many people will see US foreign policy as militaristic, following its invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and will view Mr Bush's words on Iran as a call to arms - even though they were not, our correspondent says.

It is the BBC correspondent who is wrong, not the people on the "streets" of the Middle East. Bush invaded Iraq for no real reason (other than to bolster the Republican Party) and he has shown every inclination to bomb Iran for no real reason. The idea that "Iran threaten[s] the security of all nations" is a joke. And needless to say, the US threatens far, far more nations than Iran. Iran is a regional player, but no more.

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